Excited about my trip to my village to enjoy Dussehra, I was not able to sleep. Got up early in the morning and started my journey, thinking and visualizing all the way, the decoration, the singing and dancing and all the delicacies that I was going to enjoy at my village. when I reached, I was surprised to see my uncle, who was about 50 yrs, looking so weak and stressed. I asked “what’s happened?” He said “I don’t know. I have taken a lot of medicines, but not recovering. Tried Homeopathy, Ayurvedy, Allopathy, everything. Even did lots of  pujas, yagna’s but of no use. I think I am suffering with some serious illness. At times, I feel as though my heart is beating very fast and my pulse is bounding. Everyone says, I don’t have any problem but I am not able to accept”.

          I examined him thoroughly, did essential tests and told him- “Don’t worry; you don’t have any such serious problem. You need to be relaxed. Please start regular exercise. You need to come out of this “illness behavior”. Don’t take your illness so seriously.  I am giving you some medicines. Take those regularly, you will definitely be fine.” He had faith on me and took medicines regularly. After 3 months, one day suddenly he came to my house. He was very happy and said- “Now I am feeling fine. All my symptoms have subsided and I am feeling quite good”. I said “uncle, you had developed a misconception in your mind which I took out with the help of medicines. Regular exercise helped you to relax. It’s a type a psychological problem. That’s all.” We sat for some time and then be returned happily.