Individual Psychotherapy means treating the individual by psychological means, of problems of emotional nature, in which trained persons (Therapist) deliberately establishes a professional relationship with the patient to remove, modify or retard existing symptoms and promote positive personality growth and development.

Group Therapy or Group Psychotherapy is a similar procedure as an above but with a number of patients. In this procedure about 8 to 10 patients can be dealt in a single sessions as the name suggests.

Supportive – This is a very direct method of psychotherapy with the focus directing towards the existing problems and current life situations.

Suggestions – It is generally used by most of the Psychiatrist in an individual form as a part a part of supportive psychotherapy.

Cognitive – It is a corrective procedure of maladaptive thinking process.

Behaviour – Behavioural therapy is based on theories of learning and focus at changing of maladaptive behavioural patterns with that of adaptive behavioural techniques.

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Individual Psychotherapy means treating the individual by psychologica...

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ଇଲେକ୍ଟ୍ରୋକନଭସିଭ ଥେରାପି

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Psychotropic drugs Medications used to treat psychiatric disorders are...

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